the Art Studio of artist and designer Victoria Rose Martin

This photo is a wall in my art studio. My happy place.
Many nights I have to be reminded it’s time to go to bed.
And yes, I love flamingos.

How Lucky am I?

Victoria Rose Martin

I love making art

Aside from being an artist, I am also a Professor of Art and Design. I earned two Master's degrees (Printmaking and Ceramics) and a Summa Cum Laude BFA in Graphic Design/Illustration. Creativity is my passion.



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Victoria Rose Martin artist and sculptor working in Palm Beach County, Florida


Aside from making art, one of my greatest passions is travel. If the opportunity to travel arises always find a way to make it happen. In all of my years on this planet I have never heard of a person on their deathbed say “Oh I should have worked more and travelled less”. And I am a total workaholic… go figure. Enjoy your life, and follow your bliss.

Victoria Rose Martin artist montage


My work is a reflection of life. There is an exploration of traditional women’s activities or hobbies, such as dolls and crafts. My sculptural forms are hand-built using low-fire clay, so no two figures will ever be the same. The surfaces are stamped words and finishes, including oxides, underglaze, and glaze. My art is collected both nationally and internationally. It’s in the permanent collection of the Cafesjian Center for the Arts, Armenia. I’ve shown my work at SDC London, England, and I received a commission to paint Pop Art inspired murals at the Venue in London, England. I’ve shown work in numerous galleries, including the Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA, the Florida Craftsmen, St Petersburg, FL, and the Piedmont Craftsmen, Winston-Salem, NC. My sculptural work has appeared in several publications: including Ceramics Ireland and Art Doll Quarterly, but visit the Press page to see more examples.

Artist Victoria Rose Martin's cats in front of an abstract painting