Colorful Art is yummy

My art and illustration reflect the things that surround me. I have lived most of my life in South Florida where sea-green water and colorful things sing to my soul.  I grew up in Northern NY, surrounded by wildlife. Most of my art is based on a recurring childhood dream. Create art and designs that speak to you.

I  move artistically between painting, drawing, digital and sculpting. If forced to pick just one I honestly don’t believe I could. It’s nice to float between different ways of art making.

Immediately below is an example of a mural painted in a private home based on the Beverly Hills Hotel (wallpaper pattern). Look further down the page for more  commissioned client paintings.  It’s a great feeling helping a person realize their vision.


Staircase Mural
Entry Way
Base of Staircase
Detail Entryway

I make art

I have always considered myself an illustrator whether I work in 2D or 3D.
Visit my other site: for graphic design work. I am a south-paw who loves being creative whether it’s oil on panel, digital, embroidery, sculpting, or printmaking I love it all.

Client Commissions

One-Of-A-Kind artwork

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