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Hello, I am artist, designer, and animator Victoria Rose Martin. You will find a little bit about my art; sculpture, paintings and graphic design work. Please visit me on Instagram (@Vixterina) to see my latest artwork. And you can send me a message via my Contact Page

Victoria Rose Martin artist and graphic designer

Making Art – Storytelling

Faded memories from childhood come to life from a small block of clay. We were out of control children playing dress up in fox stoles, striped stockings and hidden soldier’s uniforms discovered in the attic.

Each  of my sculptures, designs and illustrations have a story to tell. All of my artwork is one of a kind and hand built from clay or sketched and painted in oil paint. A lot of my newer work is mixed media and you may see drawing, painting and embroidery adorning the surfaces.

I have always known I wanted to be an artist or a designer. Making art is in my bones. Nature has always inspired me. My childhood was spent wandering the forest and fields surrounding our home in northern New York. Long summer days were spent foraging for berries and wild flowers and in the winter there were snow shoes and ice skates on the pond out behind the barn. All of the time dreaming and pretending.

There were no neighborhood children on our rural farm, just my siblings, livestock and the wildlife surrounding our home. All of this coupled with  fairy tales and legends.

No matter how old you get, try to never lose the fantasy worlds  and dreams you once held as a child.


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I love making art

Whether it is sculpting or painting my work tends to be figurative. I love the figure, particularly the curves found on the female form.

That’s probably why I never got into making functional dinnerware on the potter’s wheel.

And yes, it’s okay if you call my sculptural figures dolls, because of their size they are doll like and feminine. Most of my ceramic work is kiln fired clay, but I often mix it up with mixed media parts. And my paintings are oil on panel because I really enjoy the firms surface as opposed to the springy surface of a canvas.

I live in Florida where I work as a Professor of Art, my students keep me young and always inspire . When  I am not in the classroom there is a very good chance I am either in my studio or traveling. Both activities feed my soul. It’s my belief that life is for living and being happy. Do something today to make yourself happy.

Art is Expression

We all bring our own individual life experiences to the art and designs we create. If you copy the work of another it’s not yours. You’re trying to sing another persons song. You may feel it, but it’s not yours.

May I suggest keeping a sketchbook, look, and feel what you see. A sketchbook can serve as a research vessel; holding the answers to mysteries inside of you.

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