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I have always considered myself an illustrator whether I work in 2D or 3D.
Visit my other site: for graphic design work. I am a south-paw who loves being creative whether it’s oil on panel, digital, embroidery, sculpting, or printmaking I love it all.

Colors are yummy

My art reflects the things that surround me. I have lived most of my life in South Florida where sea green water and colorful things sing to my  soul.  Some of my paintings are serious and some are silly. The world needs more silly.
Speaking of silly, did I mention I have a collection of vintage squeak toys?

I  move artistically between painting, drawing, digital and sculpting. If forced to pick just one I honestly don’t believe I could.

Immediately below is an example of a mural painted in a private home based on the Beverly Hills Hotel (wallpaper pattern). Look further down the page for more  commissioned client paintings.  It’s a great feeling helping a person realize their vision.

And way down those are paintings made for me and they are based on my sculptures.

Staircase Mural
Entry Way
Base of Staircase
Detail Entryway

Client Commissions

One-Of-A-Kind artwork

No work may be used without the consent of the artist © Victoria Rose Martin 2019